Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A season not yet upon us

We are leaving the Northeast the moment we are well so last week my Mom and I took my daughter to our local orchard farm stand. I was ready for it to be fall but the ground and air were not with me. It is too soon to press cider and there is not much ready in the apple orchard yet. When we get back, they will be in full swing though - finally. I can't wait. From the moment Labor Day breezes by, I drive past through the windy country roads that pass through the orchards in our corner of paradise peering up at the trees hoping to see little flashes of reds, pinks, and citrons: A flag to all who pass that the apples are ready.

In the meantime, above is the beginning of the season in northern Westchester; always exciting and a little misty all at once... did you know we had amazing apple orchards? We do, we sho' do.

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