Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Dashing Host Chats

Good evening, one and all. I am relieved to advise you that the Dashing Host has dropped into just now to carry my weight on this day of husband's moving to Jacksonville and babies still needing fed, bathed, and napped. A good host knows many things intuitively, among them, to come to the aid of a lady (Dashing Host Rule #1). I see the his navy coattails zipping past the doorway and I can hear the ice rumble somewhere, so I know he is with you now. I leave in you in good hands for the evening. Nice to see you, JWR, and thank you for this kindness...

Psst! Over here, by the blender... Why over by the blender? Because it’s on the Bar over here and the children are over there. It won’t take long for the kiddies to find us— what child isn’t attracted to a shiny stainless steel machine with buttons and whirling blades filled with a brightly colored fruity libation? Until then, have a seat, I have some stories to share and a couple of ideas I want to run past you. Hors d'oeuvres are in the oven, the bar is stocked, ice maker is working, and we have nowhere to be. It’ll be fun, I promise.

Welcome Spring! The tulip trees are about to go off like fireworks and the cherries are dripping with blooms. Arches of snowy ornamental pears are engulfing the narrow streets of my little burg, winter is over and it’s about damn time. It’s always such a tease this time of year, without warning we emerge from that wet grey blanket of winter and step out into a 70 degree day, without a cloud in the sky, but just as you set up the tiki torches and get the table ready for a clambake, the sun sets and suddenly it is 40 degrees again. Try as you might, with blanket or sweatshirt, you file back inside and wonder how long this whole spring thing is going to last.

Here’s a drink that will get you through the chilly nights of spring through to the first perfect night of summer before it gets too hot and we can’t hear ourselves speak because of all the damn air conditioners. Beware, it has a bite, but enough to warm you to make it to the entrĂ©e.

I learned of this drink from a famous mariner from the Eastern shore of Maryland who I wish I had gotten to know better. Much like those cherry blossoms, sadly he passed away far too young. I was reunited with this drink when they served it at his wake, I thought it was fitting. Were I to have to think of one traveler to pour into my “to go cup” for that long walk down to the last boat, this would most certainly be the one.

The Dark and Stormy

Build in a Highball Glass with lots of Ice
1½ oz Gosling's Black Seal Rum
Top with Barritts ginger beer. (NOT Ginger Ale)
Garnish with lime

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