Friday, March 7, 2008

Things that go Bump in Texas

Waxahatchie, Texas, outside Dallas, has it's own little Paula Deen who might be a bit more of an upscale, southwestern food matriarch in the making. Cindy Burch, runs restaurant and catering business there called the Dove's Nest Restaurant. More importantly, Cindy wrote a little book with a big, big impact. This book is non-offender on the book shelf: Paper cover beautifully embellished, all of 144 pages. It is light as a feather. But inside this book are many things carefully honed down and perfected, the instructions to food you can actually eat, and might even want to make because they do not seem as though they will be lengthy, painful experiences (ala The Brisket). The book will get used time and time again. As I looked at a long shelf yesterday trying to think what else I might do to avoid the side of beef, my eyes floated to that little book as they so often do. For something comforting in the face of that beef. For something written with as little extraneous motion that it reminds one of the way great chef's move: Arms in, efficiency in every movement, get to the task, make it perfect.

I bought my copy in Park City 5 years ago, at a place called La Niche, which might be gone now (Lois? Hope?). Since this book is in a third edition now, I imagine the Dove's Nest might have some they could part with, and if they won't, beg.


the dove's nest said...

WOW!!! What a wondeful review. I am so thrilled you love my little cookbook. I love your blog!!!!

La Niche, in Park City, UT is definitely still around, and must be selling it pretty well, as she recently ordered another case of 24. We have sold over 25,000 copies to date and I am beginning to work on a second cookbook. There are so many beautiful books on the market and it is so rewarding to hear a self published book, with no color pictures, is a favorite among cooks.
Are you by chance kin to NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin? My dad played for the Giants many years ago....with Frank Gifford.

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

not only is this a wonderful cookbook, Cindy and the Dove's Nest provide a wonderful experience to anyone who visits the restaurant and gift shop. Perhaps one day you wll have the pleasure of tht experience as well. We enjoy her very much here in Waxahachie, is exciting to know that people in far away cities enjoy her as well.