Thursday, September 4, 2008

A gentle breeze from the tropics as fall approaches

I promised to give you this easy brunch champagne cocktail which we enjoyed at our Labor Day celebration, to call your own. If you expect both drinkers and tee-totalers, you can mix the fruit juices in a pitcher and set it next to your glasses on a try. Offer champagne, seltzer, and ginger ale as mixers. While I prefer the former, I have had many repeat takers on the non-alcoholic cocktail versions and covering the non-drinking guests will be most considerate; no one will be left out of your festive toast! And frankly, what good is a festive toast if everyone cannot feel festive?

Since this cocktail is sparkling, wait until service time to open the champagne or non-alcoholic mixers in order to preserve their effervescence.

Tropical Champagne Cocktail
8 cocktails

You will locate mango nectar easily either in the ethnic food section of your market near the Latin ingredients or in broad liquor stores which carry all the usual cocktail mixing suspects.

1 lime, sliced into 8 thin pieces and slit from rind to center for glass edge garnish

1 12 ounce can mango nectar
2 cups orange juice without pulp
1/2 cup fresh lime juice, strained

1 bottle champagne (along side have ready seltzer or ginger ale for non-drinkers)

Place champagne flutes on a lined tray where you wish to serve or offer this cocktail. Place a lime slice on the edge of each glass for garnish.

In a pitcher, combine themango nectar, and orange and lime juices. Stir gently for thirty turns to be sure they are well combined. Leave your pretty stirring spoon in the pitcher when placed on the bar or table as the mango nectar sometimes causes the mixture to need to be re-stirred.

To serve, pour the champagne or mixer of choice into a flute until it is 2/3 rd's full. Then fill the glass with the juice mixture from the pitcher. No need to stir, champagne is a natural mingler.

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