Monday, September 15, 2008

The Negroni Cocktail, Florence, Italy, ca. 1919

I nearly stopped reading Ruhlman today. He referred to a cocktail and Chef Bourdain (an idol of mine) appearing at and event. But the cocktail had a totally unacceptable and inappropriate name at first blush. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, turns out the name is Italian (everything is better in Italian). And the drink, well, I have not made one yet, seeing as how I am preggers and hard liquor is a no-no. I leave it to you to tell me about the Negroni, a drink with intriguing, continental flair... according to, which also gave the recipe below and a number of interesting variations (which I would absolutely have tried while haunting the Hotel Lungarno had I had an inkling I was missing something!), it is an apéritif.

The Negroni Cocktail
1 serving, normally presented in a martini glass

1 part gin
1 part vermouth
1 part bitter (normally Campari)

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