Friday, November 14, 2008

Stealing home

Afternoon, Friends.

I might have mentioned that we have been on a journey to the house in North Florida which has reached the end and we are now stealing home to New York for the holidays and all the glorious food that comes with wonderful ethnic texture that is that great city and its environs; not to mention the holidays themselves.

I will ask your patience for a few days as we trek northward swelling with anticipation at a great Northern holiday season: Visions of homemade marshmallows on Mexican hot chocolate swirling in our imaginations as we bid Ponte Vendra and Jacksonville farewell, all the while making nuisances of ourselves at Waffle Houses from here to Fredricksburg, and cursing the traffic from DC on home.

I ask you for your wishes that our tiny family arrives there safely and that the remainder of this pregnancy is without issue so that Baby Face and I can be back here in time to see Josh's ship return from its seven month deployment after the holidays. It is a lot to ask from a couple of months of life: Relative ease. I am hoping for the same for all of you and will see you right back here before you even miss me... Be well.


Starr said...

Best wishes for safe travel! You are courageous to travel with a small one, especially while expecting!

Wave to Princeton & Edison for me while on the NJ Turnpike, please.

I still havn't heard any confirmation regarding pouring tea & ginger headed twins, but I'll keep trying to find out.

terpstation said...

Can't wait to see you!!!!