Monday, November 3, 2008

Jamaican Iced Tea... or was it?

As I have mentioned before at the Blushing blogs, I have very little patience for Alexandra Stoddard, the Martha precursor, also, and by no accident, from Westport, Connecticut, just down the road from me here. In one of her most grossly braggadocios and uninformative volume, Tea Celebrations (1994) she mentions that while in St. Croix, her hotel packed her a picnic and she was pleased to find iced tea in the mix. And what to her surprise! It was laced with rum! They called it Jamaican iced tea.

Now, here is where the mixologists are invited to intervene, if you look up Jamaican Iced Tea in bar guides and on the internet as the Hostess naturally did, one notes it was not really tea at all.
It seems to be Long Island Iced Tea but substituting dark rum. And, Sweets, there is not a touch a of tea in the stuff. What has caused her befuddlement then, in advising that real iced tea mixed with any good dark rum, is Jamaican Iced Tea (She recommends Gosling's. The Hostess would rather fall on her drink sword than recommend Gosling's.)?


And in case you are wondering: If I do not find uses for Tea Celebrations, I will have to donate it and I hate parting with books even self-aggrandizing nonsense books!

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