Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tuscan Salad

There are many things about Tuscany that will remain with you until the end of your days but perhaps none so easily accessed daily as their masterful way with good clean foods and unmuddled flavors. One of my favorite salads from the years my work took me to sweater vendors there was something not far from the below. It will not replace a trip to Tuscany but it will be a wonderful addition to your repertoire.

I would sooner see you leave out the artichoke than replace it with canned or frozen.
They are a lot of work, certainly, but the rubbery and tart canned version and the watery frozen suspects are no form of replacement. The salad will be just as lovely but perhaps a bit less filling without.

Tuscan Salad
Use enough of each to accommodate servings and preferences.

Being certain to carefully rinse the white beans and to toast the pine nuts is critical to the quality of this salad. Take no short cuts.

Wild Arugula
Freshly cooked and trimmed artichoke hearts
Rinsed cannelli beans
Dry toasted pine nuts
Huge shavings of excellent quality parmiggano-reggiano
Lemon Vinaigrette

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Mapiurka said...

haha, Ii've seen your blog and i want to eat everythings!! (here is 23:45hs and it's time to bed)
Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina