Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blue Cheese Gougères

And so we come to my new favorite nibble, the Blue Cheese Gougères from Cooking Up a Storm, a book which I have suggested - downright begged - everyone to buy and possess. I cannot publish my adapted recipes from this deeply moving and thorough volume and anyone who does is no friend of mine: To give them out would mean one fewer books sold and NOLA needs the profits. But I can, at the very least, point you to my favorites that you will have this reference when you get your own copy.

I promise you, finer nibbles you will rarely find. I used a salty Danish blue because it needed to stand up to a heavyweight bordeaux. I was a concerned about this combination but anxious to try out the recipes from this book. Neither the depth of the wine nor the pungent saltiness of the puff let me down. I have long made Julia Child's gougères for company and in an emergency, say, when I incinerated the Apple, Bacon, Butterscotch app from Alinea at Home. But this is my new game, so long plain Jane.

I hope you enjoy the book, give it to friends as Hostess gifts, to your Mom for Mother's Day, to your hairstylist...

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