Saturday, April 4, 2009

Seafaring tales

Firstly, yes, that is a Ritz cracker. I love them and I don't care what is in them: But please don't tell me. There are just some thing's I am not supposed to know.

Secondly, I love Legal's Clam Chowder enough to import it. Also, their coconut shrimp and a pinot noir which were part of my Saturday afternoon Boston shopping loop after Newbury and on my way into Saks and before I became addicted to the guilty pleasure of the burger in the quiet of the Oak Room after a week of fashion house insanity. But I really digress.

For a short while I had fresh (then) chopped clams in the freezer and since it was winter and I am now at least one hour from Legal's, which is now everywhere it seems, I googled the recipe and made it myself. It was fabulous and just as good without my shucking my own clams (stop it) or buying salt pork (seriously, come on).

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