Monday, October 6, 2008

Tag is still fun

Hi'ya Friends!

I am very pleased to tell you that I, Hostess in residence here at Blushing Hostess, have been tagged by one of my favorite bloggers, *Visual*Vamp*. I have not been tagged in years - decades, actually - so I find this exciting and a little unnerving: I need to name 6 quirky traits of mine and I am worried about underpreforming, I always had stage fright about absolutely everything, even in the simplest genre's, since I was tiny (Oh! That's one!). I was even a little confused as to where to put this post: You know, I write three blogs on everything domestic, here at Blushing Hostess, then also at Entertains, and at Homekeeping... I decided to keep it here because this is where Vamp came to first...

To ease the pressure, I was going to call my oldest pal, Dori and have her fill in some of the blanks but, then I remembered I don't and really never do know, where the house or cell phones are (Two!). And frankly, Dori will probably tell you that this is a subconscious method of dealing with the fact that I truly detest phones (Three!).

It seems like, when I can hear them, they are always breaking a hard-won silence which I am relishing (baby is sleeping and I finally get to... ) because peace is so hard to come by and I really love to read, and think, and sleep (Four!). And ponder why gracious living, as we knew it growing up in Bedford, New York has evaporated in favor of black pleather suites of furniture. But if I were to call to Dori to ask her about my quirks, she would probably say (just a guess), that if she were ever to suspect I was not myself and in fact an impostor, that she would drive straight to McDonald's and listen carefully as I placed my order: A number 1, no meat. I like the special sauce and fries but I am afraid of gray meat (Five!). I have not been to McDonald's in many moons, though she and I went with everyone at Fox Lane High School on Saturday afternoons after football games.

I could also ask my Husband, Josh. Who is really my hero for one thousand reasons. But it would not be easy, because I do not know where he is since he is deployed and that kind of thing is confidential for good reasons (bad people want to do hideous things to good people, people with families to whom they are heroes, if you can believe that.). He is an officer in the United States Navy and married me, even though he is a little conservative, from Kansas where people are deeply good, and is a far better order-keeper and disciplinarian than me: Because, I'm from New York so I tell it like it is when maybe I should filter a little more, and I am pretty liberal at times inspite of a largely Catholic school education, and I cut my teeth on Seventh Avenue when he was out becoming an engineer. You might say, we speak different languages. I've never told you most of that before because I absolutely cannot, not, not stand it when the first thing military wives tell you about themselves is that they are a military wife (Six!). Ummm, you know, because I am a person with an identity of my own. Not a "Navy wife". Though, I am pretty proud of that too even if I do not to socialize with military spouses (oops, seven!) because I do not live on/in/near a base. Ever (oh, gosh, eight!). And I cannot, not, not stand that the DOD has not chose a more politically correct term for spouses and children than, "Dependent." You know, because I was the dog in the fight for ten years, okay? And "dependent" on no one even though I was married. Now that I am home for a couple of years having children, I get really nervous that they might figure out how to make the term stick. I stay on my toes, though. they are not hanging that one on me.) Ick. Jeez. That really ticks me off (see what I mean - New Yorker).

Now that I have told you about thirty things more than Vamp requested, I will pass the torch to several other bloggers to advise you of 6 quirky things and in turn pass it on. But thank you, for helping me to get all that out in the open. I feel like a new Hostess though, I am still not one who loves to polish silver, sadly...

So, I am tagging bloggers from all manner of subject matter who I think are fab:
The Love List: Great.
She Walks in Beauty: Just gorgeous.
Domestic Goddess in Training: Nigella. Only better.
Vineography: Wine, how can you not love this blog?
Backyard Gardening: Love her tips on everything!
Martha Stewart: Ummm, a blogger just like the rest of us. Yes, fat chance, I understand!

These are the rules: 1. Link to the person that tagged you.2. Mention the rules.3. Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.4. Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.5. Go to each person's blog and leave them a comment so they know they've been tagged.

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