Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bee in my Bonnet

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to spend some time with the literally newly opened Savannah Bee Company flagship retail store on Broughton Street in fair Savannah, Georgia. Long known for sensitively producing the best honey in the United States, Savannah Bee has made the exceedingly wise decision to become brick and mortar while remaining driven to protect the quality of their product, the honey bees, and now, gratefully, installing themselves in a place where can find them in order to allow them to also become remarkable educators in the bee and honey field (if you don't know, honey bees are suffering the world over, very seriously. Time to visit the honey folks and bone up on how to help these glorious creatures).

More than just a store, there are multiple opportunities for visitors and their children to taste and learn: A honey tasting and honey latte bar, a learning bee hive for kids including movies on the honey bee subject. And of course, walls of golden, glowing, back lit magnificent honeys which are perfect on morning yogurt (I had the incredible Tupelo on Greek yogurt this morning). You are encouraged to step up to the bar and taste the honey varieties. The differences are vast and remarkable: This is an experiment worth spending a few minutes on. See a gentleman named Clay, he has an easy, pleasing way with people. You won't feel like you've been to class but will come away from your talk with him with a wealth of knowledge, not just about honey, but the world we, and the bee's, live in.

I cannot encourage you enough to visit this fine and beautiful store which represents the remarkable vision and commitment of a league of honey professionals who should be both appriciated and visited for all the right reasons. And that aside, really, you cannot believe how spectacular this store is until you see it in person... but of course, if Savannah is too far to go, they are happy to ship to you anywhere (seriously, order the Tupelo right now: harvested for only a few days in April in Georgia, it is hauntingly wonderful, nothing like any honey you have ever known or will again).

You will find this fine store at: 104 West Broughton Street, Savannah, GA. Call to order whatever you need from some of the best retail people on the planet (the Hostess knows a little about that, doesn't she? wink): 912.233.7873. Failing all that, visit their website at

And if you are needing a great recipe for a honey cake, I refer you to Smitten Kitchen: She knows the territory, and has done all the testing work for you. Savannah Bee will point you to the best cooking honey...

The tasting and latte bar at Savannah Bee Company, West Broughton, Savannah, GA

Honey zen. Do you think they will let me live there?

All honey should look this way, and be respected like this.

The bee hive: Educate yourself and your kids! Such a great idea!

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