Thursday, April 10, 2008

A thought from the pate trenches

And you know, in considering the topic of wedding related parties while slaving over a vegetable pate of dubious merit (at least initally), it came back to me what a wonderful shower was thrown for one of my best friends when she was married: She was living then in Utah but was raised in New York. For her family and friends back home, it only made sense to ask her back to the East for a shower because she had a large group of well-wishers here. In Utah, a friend of hers there held a shower for her also, a wine shower. It was a unisex affair in the evening and each guest was asked to bring their favorite bottle or one that came well recommended. This shower made the beginnings of what is now a wine cellar in her home, and what I imagine is by now an impressive collection.

These days, you will get any variety of wishing well requests for the bridal showers. I would be very pleased if on the next shower invitation I received, it requested a wine wishing-well. Then I would have two exciting errands: The first to see your registry and imagine what all the celebratory tables of your future will look like. And second, a trip to a very good wine merchant, who will always have a shop as well-preserved and considered as any good museum and will be willing to teach me about the vines, the grapes, the seasons, the terrior, and the way the wine moved for him. Yes, I would love a reason to visit an expert and give you the benefit of his or her passion as a gift for a future meal. I would like that far better than having one more errand to pick up dish towels or peelers. The beginning of a life surely should start in museum of passion, should it not?

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hostess with the mostess. how goes it gorgoeus girl? i see the whole place knows about you what i did all along. i hear from the kids back home a book would be a good idea and i wanted to see what all the fuss was about. it is great. congrats. JBM