Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Call in Sick

I mean it. I don't usually advocate this kind of thing, I came from a very committed work ethic. But, I am telling you, one thing at least is more important than money: this ragu, crazy skirt steak and all. With a great deal of reverence and utter seriousness, I completely understand why a forum was convened in Bologna to designate this recipe as the "Classic" Ragu all Bolognese.

You cannot possibly think of work at a time like this. You will have to rouse your butcher from a dead sleep, drive him to his counter, push him to the grinder and make him grind that skirt steak (double the recipe, trust me here). While it does not take long, in comparative ragu timelines, to make, it takes a long, long stretch to sit over, savor, and repeat.

I used a little more tomato paste later in the process and no butter and it was just perfect. Maybe that is not enough of an endorsement: It is one of the fall-down most magnificent things I have ever eaten.

Work less, eat more ragu. Now so much of my professional life is more clear.

Oh, yes, and kind folks at that joint in Neptune Beach, less than $5 per person fed.

And a note for our reader, Carol from Gaitlinburg: The Dashing Host and I are at your service and gathering our thoughts and tableservice inventories hoping to give you all the best. After all, it is your wedding! We are thrilled for you. Congratulations to you both, from the Host and I.


Rachel said...

Love the new picture!! Beautiful!Is it at your new home? I hope you are getting some the nice weather that we are getting Tampa!!

Rachel said...

wait a sec..I just posted a comment on your page about your new photo, and after I posted it, it was changed!!

Blushing hostess said...

Check it now. May have been because the blog was in Edit at the time.
Very best,