Thursday, July 3, 2008

Notes from the bar

Straight away I should be clear that I am only pinch-hitting here in the absence of the Dashing Host who flew off to the U.K. to play rugby and, possibly, I am only guessing, maybe imbibe a drink or two. All I know for certain is, if you're drinking or serving drinks today, you've got me at the blender. I am sorry, but the Host did leave me his monogrammed hanky to help me comfort you while he is away.

Firstly, New Orleans has itself an official cocktail by vote of its (not otherwise occupied?) state legislature. I can no more vouch for the Sazerac as for the people who wisely took it upon themselves to proclaim it the first cocktail of this great city, but on my (or surely the Hosts) next turn through New Orleans, we will duck into Commodores Palace and find out what made this Herbsaint mixture worthy of an act of a state legislature. I imagine it being better first tasted in the place where it was invented and made by those who understand the historical import of a drink that rises to this level.

And now, we've a bit of levity provided to us by the kind folks over at Modern Drunkard Magazine and their thesis on The Secret Language of Cocktails. After reading the brief description of each sort of cocktail drinker we encourage you to click into our "Comment" area below and tell us what kind of drinker you are.

What? They have nothing to say about the Champagne Cocktail? Certainly this means we are international women of taste and mystery? And what of the other perennial favorite, the Cactus Pear Margarita? I fear the outcome of that one will not be good news but I feel confident the Mesa Grill patrons will stand by their choice...

I just like the look of a cold cocktail on a searing hot summer day, don't you? What are you drinking?


Anonymous said...

Cosmo, and trying not to be ashamd!
Carol D.

Anonymous said...

sazerac!it does not have an embarrasing profile yet!

Anonymous said...

LIME RICKY! Ricky, Vegas