Monday, June 30, 2008

A Hail. A Farewell.

Afternoon, pals. It feels like a good time to collect my thoughts on some good folks.

Firstly, Tim Russert. I feel a little lost without him. I was in love with the idea that political information was brought into our home by a truly good person and a dedicated, generally objective journalist (J- that is not an oxymoron.). He will be missed deeply far and wide, including right here at Blushing Hostess.

Secondly, Scotty Schwartz. I don't know this guy from a hole in the wall but I love the man shamelessly. Who is that guy? What's he been doing with his life? You're wondering, possibly.

This is Chef Schwartz's little haven in an old beachy town, Fernandina Beach, Florida. 29 South, where they have at length searched for local green farms with whom to partner, where they keep family businesses in business, and not least of all, where they cure their own meats. Now, I know what you're thinking: I love the guy because he can cure meat since I am still digging out of the embarrassing, nearly blog-ending adventure with The Brisket That Would Not Die. No. He's not some kind of mystic to me (ah, okay, maybe a little), he's just one of the good guys.

I don't care who you are, if you put a whole restaurant staff into cars every Monday and send them all over the Southeast to pick up nearly-retail priced family produced food and you write all their names on the menu of the best restaurant in a good section of the world thus sending them more business, and if you then so lovingly attend every piece of food you serve as though it were your own child and still have time to support the slow food movement, you are in good with me. And tomorrow, I will totally get over all the tomato skins in the shrimp and grits which is really the only downside I can see to this guy, his restaurant, his food, and his thinking.

Eat Scotty Schwartz's food: Good, and good for families. But make a reservation, when you're a good guy, people follow.

I am pleased to welcome 29 South to Blushing Hideouts list of reccomendations.


Scotty Schwartz said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you hostess!!!! This is Chef Scotty Schwartz. Good news we removed our parking lot and put in a 14 bed organic garden. Next time you visit let me know your coming and we can go to the garden and play. My pig farmer from DelKat is now raising lamb for me. Wonderful!!! Again thank you for the kind words and support. All our love,
Scotty Schwartz and the crew from 29 South

Blushing hostess said...

Chef, thank you for your kind thoughts. My new baby is due in 3 weeks and I will be back to Florida soon after. Please shoot me an email on the Profile page if you have a minute. Be well, The Hostess